natural teeth whitening

You smile and you are uncomfortable with the kind of attention that your teeth attract from the person or persons you are facing. You feel your smile needs to show better-looking You will find well-trained, passionate dentist in woburn who achieve outstanding results at Advanced Dentistry. teeth, but you do not want to or have the money or time to pay for in-office dental work. And you want to get your teeth whitened naturally. So, you need to think about some natural, home remedies that are safe and you can use to whiten your teeth. Won’t it be ideal if you have natural teeth whitening while you eat?
 Your efforts will be in selecting the right foods to make your teeth whiter then eating will take care of the rest. What are those foods you can select and eat to make and keep your teeth whiter? The abrasive as well as the chemical quality of some of the foods we eat, combined with the saliva, a natural cleanser of our mouth, and teeth will help your teeth whiter. You can supplement your diet with some of these foods so that in addition to benefiting from them nutritionally, you also get the benefit of natural teeth whitening 

 • Cauliflower: One of the foods that would give you that added benefit of whiter teeth is cauliflower. It is a food that requires much chewing which is a good thing to get your teeth whiter. The more time you must take to chew the cauliflower the better it would be to have more saliva produced to act on your teeth to make them whiter.  

• Strawberries is another food – fruits – that will help to whiten your teeth. Malic acid which is a main element in strawberries naturally makes your teeth whiter by removing discoloration from the tooth surface. This fruit also has antioxidants that help to reduce stain attracting bacteria and contribute to whiter teeth. Strawberries can be eaten in salads in desserts in cereal, or separately as a fruit.

 • Milk and yogurt are also dairy products which like cheese, have lactic acid and the mineral calcium which strengthens and whitens your teeth.

 • Nuts and seeds also make your teeth whiter. Nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, and sunflower seeds have an abrasive texture that acts like an exfoliator on your teeth, removing their surface stains for whiter teeth.

 • Apples, like strawberries have a high content of malic acid which increases saliva secretion. Together, the acid and saliva, clean the teeth and help remove stain. The high-water content of these fruits also stimulates saliva secretion. The extra saliva washes away bacteria which causes discoloration of your teeth, so keeping them whiter. More energy As carbon monoxide affects how much oxygen the blood can carry, the body can find it difficult to function properly.

 • The pineapple contains bromelain which is an element with cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. A recent study found bromelain to be an effective ingredient in a stain-removing toothpaste. So, eating pineapple regularly will help you to have whiter teeth.

 • Broccoli is a coarse food that has high fiber content and eating it raw can help clean and polish your teeth. The iron in broccoli gives the added benefit of giving your teeth a wall of protection from enamel eroding acids that are produced by bacteria and prevents stains and cavities. Broccoli can be used in salads. 

 • Celery and carrots with their high-water content can whiten your teeth by washing away food particles while keeping your gum healthy.

 • Raisins are also protective for your teeth. Research has shown raisins with bran cereal helps clean the mouth faster than the cereal alone. Raisins stimulates the secretion of saliva which helps to prevent stains, cavities, and plaque by neutralizing acids produced by bacteria and other foods.

 • Oranges help to neutralize the acids produced in your mouth and cause stains and decay. They help to keep your teeth white with the removal of stains.

 • Pears also play a part in keeping teeth white. The flesh of this fruit neutralizes the acid produced in the mouth which can cause tooth decay. In this way it makes your teeth white, and you can contact teeth whitening dentist in helena

 • Water drinking also promotes saliva secretion which helps keep your teeth white. Drinking water during and after meals helps keep your teeth clean and white.
 So, we can see that the choice is wide for foods that give us natural teeth whitening. You now know that these foods have texture and chemicals which interact with our saliva to help us achieve whiter teeth with the least trouble.

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