Looking to make a unique gold foil business card that will set you apart from the competition? In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at some design tips and methods you can use to create gold foil business cards that are sure to leave an impression. Let’s get started.

1. Choose A Dark Colored Background For A Bold Impression

There are many different ways to use gold foil in business cards. But the best way is to bring some brightness and extra flair to a darker business card. For that reason, we recommend using a relatively dark background color. Colors like black, charcoal, dark blue/navy, and even dark purples and reds can be a great option for gold foil business cards.

These colors provide a dark contrast to the bright, flashy foil elements of your card – creating balance and visual appeal. While it is possible to use a lighter color like white, light gray or beige, the gold of the foil will not have as much visual impact. That’s fine if you want a more subtle business card – but for bold designs, dark background colors are better.

2. Avoid Using Similar Accent Colors In Your Design 

If you are integrating gold foil into a design that uses more than one other color, make sure you avoid any accent colors that are too close in color to your gold foil. Colors like yellows and oranges may look too similar to the foil, and cause visual clutter that makes your design less effective. 

3. Use Gold Foil To Highlight Important Information 

Gold foil is a great way to make your important information pop! You can use it to highlight things like your name or the name of your business, your contact information, or your address – this is particularly effective when combined with embossing to raise the lettering or designs of your business cards. 

4. Try To Keep Things Simple While Finalizing Your Design

If you have too much visual clutter in your design when you’re building your gold foil business cards, they’ll look busy and may be hard to understand. Foil adds quite a bit of visual complexity to business cards – so try to simplify other design elements of your business cards. 

If you try to add too many logos and visual design elements alongside the gold foil leaf, your card may be hard to understand – and this defeats the purpose of a business card, which is to transmit information about your company in a unique way. When in doubt, simplify! 

5. Keep Gold Out Of Your Logo Unless It’s Part Of Your Branding 

If your branding integrates a gold color, there’s no reason not to integrate gold into your logo! But if your logo does not usually incorporate gold or metallic elements, it’s best to have it printed normally. 

Remember, brand consistency is important for your company – so don’t just add gold to your logo unless it’s already part of your branding. This will only serve to introduce visual complexity and confusion, and create an inconsistent brand image.

Follow This Guide To Design An Awesome Foil Business Card! 

With a foil business card, you can open up a wide variety of design possibilities, highlight important information, and set your services apart from your competitors. So don’t wait. Visit a printer like Print Peppermint now to start designing your next set of business cards right away – and remember to follow the tips in this guide.

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